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Lead vocals, guitar

Author, composer, lead singer and guitarist, he is the one who shouts and slams over the audience.




Mister Cool, as long as he doesn't press on his pedals. He is the one who makes them feel so special with his doom doom funky riffs.




Playing as smooth as an elephant running on drums. He drives big trucks and you here it.

Before the current Power Trio format, The Keeks was built with amazing musicians who have contributed to our todays success.
A special Big up to Thomas and Gaetan, previous lead guitarists since the beginning in 2018.


Welcome to the electrifying universe of The Keeks, a French rock band formed in 2018. Operating as a dynamic Power Trio and expressing themselves in English, the band passionately asserts itself in the stimulating realms of Garage/Punk rock. Get ready to dive into a musical journey transcending borders, characterized by raw energy and overflowing passion.

Band History

The history of The Keeks takes root in the fortuitous meeting between Owen, a prolific songwriter, and the members of the Marshal band. After serving as a drummer in a rock cover band for several years, Owen feels the ardent desire to bring his own musical creations to life. Proposing a bold adventure to his fellow musicians, The Keeks are born. Following a series of successful experiences, Owen and Gaetan, Marshal's lead guitarist, find themselves facing a crucial choice due to time constraints. They bravely choose the path of The Keeks, leaving behind the Marshal project. In the aftermath, Sylvain takes his place on bass, and Cédric takes hold of the drumsticks. This remarkable lineup continues until 2022, when Gaetan leaves the group to explore new horizons in Spain.

Since then, the band has evolved into its definitive Power Trio formation.

With over 60 concerts to their name, The Keeks have graced prestigious stages such as the Printemps de Bourges in 2023. Every concert draws a full house, and the positive energy of the band, its ability to captivate the audience, and its experience make it one of the revelations of the rock scene.

The Keeks' Style

The Keeks assert themselves in a sonic universe imbued with Garage rock and Californian punk, navigating with mastery through major influences like The Hives, Wolfmother, Jack White, Clutch, Green Day, and The Offspring. In this musical ecosystem, each note resonates like an irresistible invitation to plunge into a whirlwind of pure energy. Their first EP, a true sonic laboratory, testifies to a clever fusion of blues rock and melodically saturated riffs. Each track tells a captivating story, evoking musical horizons where authenticity and boldness marry with exquisite virtuosity. The year 2022 marked a decisive turning point for the band, propelling their style to the heights of garage rock and heavy rock. A transformative evolution that foreshadows the advent of an exciting new musical chapter. In the creative fervor that animates them, The Keeks announced in 2023 the release of their upcoming album. Get ready to be carried away in a sonic storm, where each composition will be a passionate declaration, infused with impactful influences that define the very essence of The Keeks. Stay tuned, as the year 2024 still echoes with the epic release of their new opus, promising an unforgettable musical experience. The Keeks invite you to dive into a universe where music becomes an adventure in itself, a promise of strong emotions and intense vibrations. Are you ready to live the essence of rock with The Keeks?

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